Monday, September 22, 2008


This is Web2.0 and I want YOU to be the main contributor to this site. I have thousands of things to say but that would only offer MY perspective on this sport. Each and every one of you have hints and tips that the rest of us haven't thought of. My vision is to make this a community that shares our knowledge to give back to the new and old people of this sport. Why hide all these treasures of information that you've picked up over the years? Submitting your tips will also make you more cognizant of your own knowledge and will make you watch out for the things others are doing (right or wrong). The more you submit, the more others will do the same and we will all benefit in the end.

In a few paragraphs (a couple hundred words), submit your tips to CyclingTips. Cover any topic that's cycling related - Motivation, Perspecitve, Maintenance, Nutrition, Training, etc. Feel free to give me a cool cycling picture of you along with your tip and I'll give you full credit in the post. You can also submit anonymously if you wish to remain low key.

Thanks for reading.