Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reasons vs Excuses

It is important to distinguish between a "reason" and an "excuse." The difference is easy to recognize:

Excuses are justification for giving in. Perhaps you didn't explore all your options, ignored or denied your options, didn't plan ahead, etc. On the other hand reasons are a legitimate cause, explanation or justification of an action or event. The key work here being legitimate. Don't be dishonest with yourself by using excuses.

If you didn't train today because your boss made you stay late at work, then you have a good "reason". However, if you didn't do your training today because it was raining out, you probably didn't want to train all that much anyway. You could have used the trainer in front of the TV, gone for a run, taken a spin class, or even rode in the rain!

My point? Quit making excuses!