Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cash In Your Tyres

Cold hard cash can be good for all sorts of things. Usually for the things that you can buy with it but in some cases it's good for what you can use it for. Let me explain...

On my way home from my ride this morning I got a flat tyre. Not only was the tube flat, but as I was changing it I noticed there was a slice through my sidewall. Under normal circumstances the best fix would be to pick up the phone and call my wife to come and get me. The other alternative: an old trick I learned using a $5 bill.

I always carry a $5 bill in my toolkit. First, to buy some food if I go hunger flat and second, to help fix a slashed tyre. HOW TO: After you've replaced the tube, fold the $5 bill in half and put it inside the sidewall of the tyre. Then put the tyre back on the rim as you'd normally do but this time with the $5 bill in between the tyre and tube. This will prevent the tube from ballooning out of the tyre at the site of the slice. At this point you can continue your ride problem-free.

Just remember to take the $5 out of your tyre when you get home, replace the tyre, and go buy yourself a cappuccino with your cold hard cash.