Friday, October 24, 2008

Foods NOT To Eat On the Bike

Last week I wrote about The Ultimate Cycling Snack. I experimented with a few of these foods while on a big ride last weekend. I was most interested to try the Boiled potatoes which according to pro-team Garmin Chipotle's nutrition tips, are supposed to be a cyclists wonderfood.

Let me tell you the problem I found with these "natural" foods. Foods like the potato crumbled very easily and pieces got lodged in my throat while breathing heavily. The other food I tried (from Garmin Chipotle again) was rice cakes. These were made from sushi rice, scrambled egg, and a bit of ham all mashed together into nice little cakes. Again, chewing these while trying to breath at 45km/hr was not an easy task. I happened to share these with my mates and we all ended up coughing up a lung trying to get these things down our throats.

Both of these snacks were excellent while riding slowly or taking a break but not in a hard riding situation. The thing I learned from this experiment is the best things to eat while on the bike are easily chewed foods that don't flake or break apart. Stick to gels, powerbars or a ziplock bag of creamed rice (particularly good) when riding hard.

Okay, enough with the stupid experiments.


Anonymous said...

Please keep up with your experiments. If you do it then the rest of us don't have to! :o)

Wade Wallace said...

I'm not too proud to be the guinea pig for the rest of you!

Thomas said...

Creamed rice? Really?

On a 110k ride on Sunday, we were discussing the mechanism of power gels.

We decided that, due to their taste (pretty horrible) and texture (like copping a cumshot), they actually work by making you feel worse.

Later, when you no longer need to spew, you feel like a new man.