Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back from Behind

I hear this all too often: "Once I get in shape I'll start riding the big rides with you guys". It's like saying "I'm not going to the gym until I have biceps like Arnold". Let me tell you, it's not going to happen. If you're not at the level that you want to be then the best way to get there is to start riding with people who are fitter and more motivated than yourself. They will push your limits and help you ride for longer, more difficult periods of time. You'll learn from them and they'll motivate you to continue to push yourself to be a better rider. Warning: You will hurt like hell for the first couple of months BUT little by little you'll start keeping up with these guys and possibly riding away from them at some point. The process will include much winging, useless legs, remaining on the sofa all afternoon, and possibly not even be able to string a sentence together. But I assure you the end result is worth it with an overall improved quality and enjoyment of riding.

The only caveat I have to this suggestion is to pick these rides carefully. This isn't necessarily long term, sound training advice. Instead, it will help get you on the right track with your riding habits and motivation. It'll make you realize how much work you have to do and how hard you need to train to become a more fit rider.

I'll comment on "sound training advice" and "periodization" with the help of an expert next blog entry.