Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Site

I've created a new domain name and a new site for this blog. I'm extremely happy with the feedback I've received and the number of hits in recent weeks. fyxomatosis put a tiny link buried in one of their posts and I've seen a massive spike in traffic ever since. If you haven't visited fyxomatosis yet I highly recommend that you do. I aspire to have the creativity and design ideas like Andy has one day.

I'll keep posting on this site for the next couple of weeks, but soon I'll be directing all traffic to This new space will give me more flexibility to do what I want, how I want. It's also more search-engine friendly.

Thanks for reading.


Mike said...

As part of the spike, I can say that if it wasn't for the quality of your blog, I wouldn't keep coming back.

Keep up the great work!

Mike Hayward

Wade Wallace said...

Thanks Mike!